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Photo Art by Serge Golovach

Sergey Golovatch is an artist who suddenly appeared on the horizon of the Russian photographic art. During the short period of time he gained if not the recognition and popularity of Moscow audience then sincere love and gratefulness for brave undressing of his models. Naked body has been the main subject for centuries, and professionals at some point of their career start exploring it; however, as they progress, they are afraid of going further. On the one hand, it's a fear to repeat what has been done; on the other hand, it's the unwillingness to be convicted of the growing predilection for the subject. The photographer that carries over his feeling of life to the photo film has a certain risk of facing the gloomy homophobe as well as the moralist criticizing the public disclosure of all the mysteries and secrets of men's nature.

The exhibition of Spring 2001 in the Photo Center of the Journalists' Union of Russia gave the beginning to rumors about the shocking open-minded photo artist. Administration of the Photo Center was not embarrassed by the genre of the presented work, which was the beginning of sincere art. Developing the subject of naked men's nature is the accomplishment of his brave and creative temper, which sometimes opposes the proven ways and suppressed traditions of our photo masters.

In spite of the intentionally shown indifference of the public to men's Nu, the Exhibition Hall of the Photo Center has got more visitors than ever before. The public was impressed by the boldness and professionalism of the photographer in his choice of this particular art. On the one hand, Sergey Golovatch follows neo-academism; on the other hand, he creates new food for subtle minds of contemporaries.

The cult of healthy body, which was praised by the German photographers in 1920-30s, continues in classical work of Sergey Golovatch. Happiness and joy of life overwhelm the borders of a simple photograph giving the audience an opportunity of emotional contact with its characters. Neo-academism of these works is not only in harmony of alive and not alive, but in successful transporting of old-fashion photography into its modern technological basis.

Choosing the place for his photo sessions is also the inevitable part of Serge Golovach's success. Romantism of his collection with water, rocks and river boulders which sometimes make the contrast for a human body and sometimes harmonize with it is caused by the picturesque scenery of the Far Easten Amur river. Another interesting fact is that Sergey Golovatch worked with not those professionals who were used to posing before camera, but with simple people.

During his sessions the photo artist creates the carnival atmosphere without any limitations. His desire to work with gay aesthetics could be (but was not) protested by his straight models. Even simple boys from Khabarovsk, where all the photo sessions took place, accepted the terms of the game and became seduced by the beauty of each other living like erotic models for the moment of flash.

Another attribute of Sergey is the ability to make his audience ask questions. Who am I, what am I, why me? The beginning of psychoanalysis for those who are able to listen to inner selves, to nature of their existence, to their desires, a call to check something in common. Psychological photo art in "Male. Provocative. Nude" genre evokes behavioral motives deeply hidden in everyone's conciseness. Here you find fears and dreams, hidden desires, clues and mystery. Freud's Super Ego is the leading cause of this photo series by Sergey Golovatch.

Taking away shame of nakedness out of the fancy world, Sergey Golovatch does not put erotism on the first place. Sexuality of his characters is on a background, but first we see eye-pleasing beauty that calls for freedom of a naked body. Open to the sight naked body, which is likely true, is the basis for intriguing plot, worthy of the Freud's fresco, and together with a hypnotizing picture of light and shadow of body lines it makes all the works of Sergey Golovatch like icons that deify the beauty of mankind.

More photos by Serge Golovach are available on his site Phallusophy: Philosophy of Male Body.

All photos (c) Serge Golovach
Text by Victor Rybas

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