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Galkin Releases New Photo Album

Album CoverClassical aesthetics and masculine beauty are the main themes of "Indigo," a photography album published by World-Wide Literature. Its author, the Moscow-based photographer Vsevolod Galkin, is already well-known in Russia as well as abroad. His Internet gallery receives more than 100,000 hits annually.

Vsevolod Galkin's signature style is clean, fresh, and executed with technical perfection. Vulgarity is foreign to him. Indigo is an aesthetic and highly artistic album. The photographer found his own unique form of expression that allows him to compete with the famous masters. His individuality is apparent in his unique view of masculinity: it is both the base beauty of the bodybuilding narcissist, and the finesse of the nude youth on the cover of the album. The trademark of Galkin's models is harmony - both spiritual and physical.

By magnifying the male, reinforcing and strengthening his unique, positive, and creative eroticism, Vsevolod Galkin destroys the taboo of unveiling male sexuality.

The photo album is published in a dustcover. For collectors, ten exclusive, numbered copies will be released, each in a special metal case designed in post-industrial style which corresponds with the philosophy of the photographs.

Vsemirnaya Literature (World-Wide Literature) Publishing House
ISBN 5-93270-001-7
96 pages; 2230 cm
4500 copies

The album will be available from the Gay.Ru shop after the 15th of September. The approximate cost of the album will be US$19.95. You can make an advance order my sending an e-mail to and you will be notified when the album is available for purchase.


The 15h of September there will be a reception for Indigo, the photography album by the Moscow-based photographer Vsevolod Galkin, hosted by the Moscow gay club "Central Station".

The reception features:

an outdoor barbeque (depending on the weather), a show with the participation of artists, an exhibition of male underwear, a drawing for copies of photography albums, exclusive prints, posters, and postcards.

To receive an invitation please contact us at:

Tel.: (095) 254-2571
Cell phone: 8-902-6789-346
Pager: 330-9494 #47570


You can participate in the drawing by sending your photograph to Photographs may be b/w or color. They must be in JPG format and less than 100 kb. Please indicate if you want to participate in shoots for photography albums and magazines. The 13th of September we will draw the results, and winners will receive postcards, posters of photos from Indigo, as well as invitations to the reception.

Photos used on this page are from V. Galkin's photography album "Indigo."

Translation by Donald Allison

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