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Same sex marriages prevent Russian Jews
from unification


The unification of the Russian Jewish organizations, whose problems were widely discussed in January, hasnt been reached. And the question of same sex marriages and homosexuality is among the reasons for the unification to fail.

The unification discussions have been held by Federation of Jewish communities of Russia and the Congress of Jewish religious organizations and groups. The two organizations are to serve the basis for United Jewish community of Russia, with co-chairmen to be Rabbi Adolf Shayevich and Berl Lazar (the two now have the titles the Chief Rabbi of Russia).

The scandal broke out after the publication of journalist Alekseyeva in Kommersant newspaper. Dwelling upon the Jewish communities, Mrs. Alekseyeva wrote about contemporary Judaists. She alleged they favor same sex marriages, consecrate women and homosexuals. In response, Adolf Shayevich announced his determination to bring a suit against the newspaper, because journalists statements damaged the image of Federation of Jewish communities of Russia. And those opposing the unification supporting Berl Lazar took the advantage and called liberalism of Federation of Jewish communities of Russia on the question of same sex marriages to be the reason, making impossible the unification of Russian Jews.;
translated by Andrey L.


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