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Antimonopoly Ministry concerned with the Womens Day advertising present


The latest advertising campaign of a local brewing company has once again posed a threat to public moral principles. Advertising trailer with two diwas clinching each other in a kiss full of passion, caused worries in the Ministry of Antimonopoly policies and business support. The ministry is ready to estimate damage inflicted to the feeble minds of the citizens by the lesbian act in brewers advertising trailer. Companys representatives also declare the ad was just a present for the house wives on the Womens Day. 

On the 8th of February the brewing company launched a new advertising project, presenting its new picturesque trailer of the campaign (Find your dream under the bottle lid) to the three channels (NTV, RBC-TV and MTV). Womens Day caused controversial sentiments of creators and customers of the advertising trailer: two languorous ladies in a fitting-room kissed each other passionately after trying on the brassiere. Right at the most important moment all of a sudden there comes a beer bottle lid, which is to become a lucky one and make you happy. All this campaign is a mens present to the beautiful Russian women. We hope that women will form the overwhelming majority among the winners of the campaign, and we hope they will have lasting memories about the nice moments of Milan shopping, it was the explanation made for Gazeta by Samvel Avetisyan, Tinkoffs marketing director.

Nevertheless, the first people to express their reaction after pleasant moments were representatives of the Ministry of Antimonopoly policies. The trailer has already forced them to hold an emergency meeting to discuss moral aspect of the campaign. According to Taisiya Tkacheva, the head of local department of MAP for Moscow and Moscow region, her department wont let Tinkoff advertising go unnoticed.

It is not for the first time when MAP has certain moral claims to move against the brewing company. In May 2003 TV screens reached another trailer of the brewing company called Yacht. Then after the audience complaints MAP found some elements of a wild sexuality on the screen and ordered to exclude all the black-and-white erotic dreams of the trailer.

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