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Surprises close at hand: Smena newspaper cherished a stalwart homophobe


On February 4, Smena, a St.Petersburg newspaper published the article, which was unique in terms of its homophobic fervors. One can only get surprised by something of the kind existing in the 21st century. The only possible reaction is no comments.


St.Petersburg police is at war with gay criminals

A series of resourceful operations have been carried out recently by St. Pete policemen against the criminals of nonconventional sexuality. Gay criminals have been so severely struck that they wont be able to get back on track very soon.

In early January Interior Ministry officers with the Interpol representatives caught the red-handed the international sodomites nest. Rare obscenities were broadcasted all over the globe via the Internet from a little flat on the embankment of Fontanka river by a dozen of young men, who wanted to earn some money. American police, acting in close cooperation with their St. Petes counterparts, caught the consumers of this kind of sex-service in the USA.

The transvestites were the next to hit. They managed to disclose and destroy a wide nest network where one could spend time communicating with travesties, after paying 2000 rubles. Here it is worth mentioning that the same sodomites were the main haunters of this kind of places. Whips, lashes, handcuffs and everything that was needed for all types of perversions was discovered by the policemen in different places on Nevsky prospect and Ispolkomskaya Street.

It happens very often that some tipsy guys found themselves in these awful places. Drinking too much, the men couldnt tell transvestites from harmless prostitutes of the ads in porno magazines. Paying their money, people then found themselves face to face with a man disguised as woman, which made them really shocked. But the policemen were brave enough to these awful dens and destroyed them.

Until recently we just couldnt get the sodomites, said one of the cover-up police officer, adding that now we will seriously take up on those scums. Many of so-called gays (sodomites tend to use the word for themselves editor.) are drug addicts. And the most dangerous is the fact that there are more AIDS-positive among them then among women-prostitutes and they transmit the disease to their clients. Sodomites will be haunted hip and thigh and bring them to court to be severely fined.

And they kept their promise. One of these days they destroyed one more sodomite-sex den. Lets hope it was the last one in our city!

Sergey Andreyev ( )

SMENA newspaper, St. Petersburg, February 4, 2004;
translation by Andrey L.

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