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Dmitry Agarunov: Homosexuality
contradict family values of Gameland

Just recently Dmitry Agarunov (a successful self-made businessman and manager, as describes him the -xecutive website) that created one of the successful local publishing houses Gameland (magazines Games world, Hacker, Hooligan, the Russian version of  Computer Gaming World) has commented on his company' HR policy. In particular, he widely touched upon the gay employment issue.

For instance, we do not hire homosexuals, - he stated. - Not long ago there was a candidate a really good guy, a professional, but his orientation was revealed during the talk with psychologist. We have some corporate values that conflict with it. What to do? No way. No matter how effective would the candidate have been.

The No way position Dmitry Agarunov explains in the following way: I don't have anything personal against it, but I think that such lifestyle is wrong. Here we have family values.

Such a discrimination appears even more undisguised considering that today the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan emphasized his special acceptance of gay colleagues as it provides respect to a social, religious and cultural diversity of UN members.


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