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Ballerina Ananiashvili asks gays and lesbians to stay in closet


It is almost usual for most Russian  politicians and cultural workers to say negative things about girls from "T.a.t.u". And now again in her interview to the Argumenty i fakty weekly well-known ballet dancer Nina Ananiashvili was rather sharp in her expressions. Perhaps they are good girls, noted Ananiashvili. But when one says that same-gender sex  is cool, trendy and advanced I can't get it.

As everybody knows, there is many gays amongst ballet dancers, so Ananiashvili stressed that her family is quite general and traditional one. It is most important for a woman to have a family, to continue the human race; it's a big sin not to have it, noted ex-ballerina.  Elaborating upon the same-gender relations, Ananiashvili added: If you are of a non-traditional orientation it's your private business. You shouldn't disclose it or particularly say that such relations are better than love between a men and a woman!

Public persons more and more often urge to be careful about same-gender sex problem. Temperate traditionalism in such matters is understandable. But the negative and evaluative context of statements,  accusing gays of depravity, depravity etc evokes fair indignation in Russian gays and lesbians.


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