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Cheburashkas father annoyed by hopping sodomites


Children's writer Eduard Uspenskiy, being interviewed by Stolichnaya Gazeta newspaper has once again repeated his favorite statement which was for the first time made during the overcrowded shootings of the New Year issue of his TV program V nashu Gavan Zahodili Korabli (The ships which came to our harbor).

Mr. Uspenskiy was quite sure that, Well see the performance of the normal men, when all the other programs will show only hopping sodomites.

Here we should mention that once well known writer has recently turned into the main focus of scandalous court chronicles and managed to gain a reputation of a villain, litigious fellow and the ringleader of the Zionist hotbed.

So, now it is much easier to gain popularity, echoing those singing the praises to the authorities and blame everything on gays and lesbians. And exactly homosexuals turned out to be the people whom Mr. Uspenskiy suspected to be the main reason for his popularity rating downfall.;
translated by Andrey L.


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