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Sergey Mazayev bewares of ill people from
gay mafia


In his interview to the MK-Voskresenye (MK on Saturday) the front man of the Moral code made some homophobic statements. To be more exact, he called homosexuality a disease, though he made a remark that he is not against gays on the stage. 

At the same time the singer was especially concerned with the fact they (gays) try to get everywhere promoting their ideas.

When asked whether he knew anything about so-called hidden gay mafia and cover-up practices which spread not only to the pop-stage but also to the TV and cinema business as well as the government, the singer have just reinforced journalists concerns. Mr. Mazayev said, The situation is really like that rogue knows another, if they can see one another in the crowd, they prefer to have them in their inner circle.;
translated by Andrey L.


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