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TV reporter Vladimir Solovyov, All the homosexuals are sinners


TV anchor man Vladimir Solovyov, who managed to stage a live battle between homophobic Alexander Novikov and Lolita Milyavskaya, the singer, in the aftermath of Mr. Novikovs appeal to President Putin, speaking on the Echo of Moscow radio station, dwelt upon his personal opinion on homosexuality.

My attitude to the sodomy is echoing to that given by the Bible in the Old Testament, which is the main ground for the three monotheistic religions. It says that let the man not to sleep with the man as with the woman. The two will be doomed to death, with their blood spilt on them. The same part of the Bible is speaking about incest and bestiality with detailed punishments. But attitude to this is the attitude of a person who believes in God. I have never called for any type of civil oppression of the rights and freedoms of the people of different sexual preferences and I will never do this. So, being a faithful person, I treat it like a sin, but being a citizen, I am not for violating the civil rights freedoms of other categories of people.

According to Mr. Solovyov, the pop-group TaTu promotes same sex relations and it should be legally banned. At the same time, he believes that Boris Moiseyev is impossible to be suspected of promoting gay love.;
translated by Andrey L.


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