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Bisexual guy stabbed his girlfriend who called him gay

One of these days officers from the 2nd  department of Moscow Criminal Investigation office at Tolbukhina str., detained a boy who has stabbed his former girlfriend because she accused him of adultery and sexual intercourse with men.

As it was reported to the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper in the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department, 19 year-old girl came to the Russian capital from the Ukraine, rented a flat in Glinishchevskiy lane (Central Moscow) and started to work as a manager of one of the night clubs. Soon after that she met there her contemporary, a bisexual boy, who earned his living by commercial gay sex.

For some time the couple shared the same flat and then the lovers decided to separate. A boy met another girl and in some time she got pregnant with his child. This fact turned out to be the real shock for the boy. He got accustomed to drinking, and on the 26th  of January, being tipsy, decided to visit his ex-lady-love. After a wild rendezvous the manager of the night club accused her friend of leaving her and rashly called him gay. The boy couldnt stand it and started fighting. The victim tied to get him out of the flat but in vain. Her former boy-friend got her to the bad where he strangled her. After that he grabbed a knife and stabbed her throat. Hardly had the girl made her last breath and the murderer escaped.

One of these days police detained him in a flat he rented.;
translation by Andrey L.


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