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Offended by Podolsk authorities, Moiseev left for Berlin to confess his love to Nikita from Golod TV show

On his 50th anniversary Boris Moiseyev got a beautiful present from Culture Department of Podolsk, which vigorously ordered to ban Moiseevs concerts. The same story occurred recently in another Moscow region town of Domodedovo, however there people who bought the tickets for the show refused to get their money back and didnt allow to spoil the performers of their favorite singer.

Boris Moiseev refused to comment on the situation as he was in Berlin at Golod TV show. And here is the singers opinion about the participants of Golod reality show, I try to follow the life of the empty stomachs, I am interested in the young people relations.

I try to understand in what way and to what extent they are different from me when I was at their age. I would like to wish all the participants of the show and to all young people not to turn nuts, and to keep adequate perception of the world around. But at the same time one shouldnt concentrate only on money, thinking about false and overblown success and to stay just like they are. And one should never stay satisfied either with life or with love, to know what you are up to but never to exaggerate your abilities. I hope the guys wont be spoilt by the fame, he added. 

For those who missed yesterday program we can say that on entering the house of the empty stomachs, Boris Moiseev was quick to announce that he is a passionate admirer of Nikita Golubev and he also said that the main reason for him to come to Berlin was the desire to make friends with Nikita. Moreover, Boris offered Sasha Konstantinov to take part in the movie where he himself is performing. A brief summary of the plot is that Boris and Sasha will perform the representatives of two opposite sides one is to be fascist and another Russian soldier. At the beginning they hate each other, but afterwards, the circumstances turned them to fall in love with one another. At the end one soldier dies at another ones hands. Sash seemed not to believe Boriss stories. Moiseev left the hunger house very pleased and with presents, it was Nikitas drawing and a piece of Sashas poker-work. Due to some obvious reasons sweetie Ksyusha served as a background during the whole episode.  

Based on the on-line press;
translation by Andrey L.


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