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Fables from Baumanka*


I dont feel like enraging those who ignorant,
I want to cite one ancient story:
If you are pennywise,
Youll never get the wisdom no matter where you are..

Ivan Krylov, "Parnassus"

Pavel Bezrukih, the author of the article entitled A Strange Love, which was published by the latest issue of the Students truth (Studencheskaya Pravda), decided to go on with his "study of the phenomenon of homosexuality" and issued another "work of art". The new bestseller was published under the title Parable about Maxim, the gay, where the author says about unfortunate student who had to leave the University due to his homosexuality and he had to work as a salesman at the market. The most remarkable thing about it is the commentary of Professor of Psychology Kuznetsov N.A and the concluding remarks by the newspapers editors.  



The outburst of criticism concerning the article A Strange Love, published by the latest issue of the Studencheskaya Pravda (SP), didnt leave indifferent both readers and journalists. So, in order to study the life of the homosexuals, lets take a certain private example. The character of this article is an interesting and gifted person. Yes, your guess is right he is gay, but there is nothing to be worried about in this. And during the narration our character wished to be called Maxim.  

Maxim became a public person in 1997 in his native town of Maysky (Kabardino-Balkaria1), where he participated in the Step to the Future, a well-known program. At that time Maxim was a schoolboy, but not an ordinary one. Overwhelmed by his passion for ecology, he started his first scientific research works. Maxim was taking air samples, made sewage and soil tests. At last he managed to prove severe worsening of the environmental conditions near the place of liquid wastes dumping by the spirituous manufacturing. So, Maxim started to work out a new environmentally friendly way to help reprocessing the grains, which is the main side product during spirit manufacturing. Successful experiments brought a young scientist significant results. Studying in the 10th form, Maxim took part in the first round of the contest and brought his studies to Moscow to take part in the Step to the Future forum.      

During the laureates rewarding ceremony Maxim wasnt enlisted as a winner. The young man turned out to be awaited by the far more prestigious prize. He was nominated as the winner of the prize in the field of Industrial Ecology. It promised him foreign trips, conference participation, but the most pleasant thing was his admission without entrance exams to the Moscow State Technical University (MGTU) named after N.E.Bauman. It was followed by a very interesting trips to London and Portugal, where Maxim ranked 3rd, being a representative of Russia at the young scientists contest.

In 1998 he entered the most respectable technical university of Russia Moscow State Technical University. To be more exact, he became a student of Energomash faculty, where he studied industrial ecology. A students dormitory N 10 became his home, where he started his independent life. Being a very sociable guy, Maxim made a lot of friends and acquaintances in Moscow. One of them turned out to be gay. Their orientation was revealed accidentally during the talk about gay night clubs. According to Maxim, there was neither love, nor sex between them. They were just very good friends, instructors and associates. At the time Maxim got his first experience in night clubbing and first visited gay cafes. His friend helped him to calm down and get used to his new status. Until that time Maxim was afraid to perceive his homosexuality. He tried to suppress his attraction to boys, considering it to be unnatural, and being afraid of sidelong glances and insults. Being free from parents watch in a big city among new friends, all this quite easily altered the situation, presenting a young man with the perception of him as a real gay. Maxim was trying to open up and liberate himself having sex with guys. He was interested in the way it happens. Gay club Chance (Shans) was the place where Maxim met his first boy friend, who was three years older and worked as an office clerk. Maxim didnt have enough courage to go on with their relations. At the clubs closure he left without giving his new friend any personal information. In a week all of a sudden the guy appeared at the 10th dormitory of MGTU when Maxim fell ill. He himself found our main character, knowing only the name of the faculty and institute. He bought medicines and stayed for the night.

As Maxim put it, after that he became complete nuts. Hormones were furious, life was like a hurricane. A tankard of beer in the bar was the usual start of the evening. Evening darkness brought some new unusual acquaintances. Nights were spent dancing in gay clubs. At the time the young gay didnt think too much about there will be after. As a result there came arrears at the university. The second-year student who got accustomed to live it up was sent down from the University. But Maxim didnt have any pang of regret at the moment. He realized that he is not at all technically-minded person and studying and going in for science is just a waste of time. Romance became dominant in his life. Lovers followed one another. To distract himself Maxim was looking for them again and again. However he still wasnt inclined to permanent same sex relations.     

But still, the King of hearts was found and stepped into the soul emptiness of our main character. Everything happened at the gay place, known as Night Owl. Being bored among the crowd of relaxing gays, Volodya was rather easily distinguished, in spite of the fact he wasnt feeling well after he parted with his lover. Maxim decided to win his liking by making eyes at him. But all his tricks went unnoticed by Volodya, making Maxim more and more excited about the game.

During the dance Volodya decided to have a smoke and went out, being unable to feel so strong psychological pressure from two men around him: an elderly gay wearing a chignon and Maxim himself. Maxim followed him and asked for a lighter though it jutted out of his pocket in a rather bold way. Nevertheless, the conversation started though Volodya talked in a rood and chilly manner. Volodya wanted to get drunk. In the morning they went to the dorm together. Maxim tried once again to get his new friend talking and get his liking, but Volodya pushed the Stop button. So, the two started to share the same room up to the moment Maxim was expelled from the University. (MGTU). This kind of life provoked the greatest interest of the entire dormitory. Everybody wanted to see the two guys living together. It was a kind of local place of interest. Using gossip and rumors, tough guys got to know about the sensation and hurried to clear up the question but their attempts didnt affect the safety of the young couple.  

After leaving the University, Maxim tried to get a job. Some witnesses say the saw him selling chicken legs the market in Zelenograd. Having lost their room in the dorm, the boys had to move Vladimirs place and his mother didnt have the slightest idea that her son was gay. At the beginning there was a fear and nervousness, but, thank to mother, everything got settled down soon. It is hard to believe it but became to live as a real family. Volodyas mother got two sons. Maxim also calls this woman mother and she treats him as a sensible person, positively influencing a little bit light-minded Volodya.  

I was pleasantly surprised by this love story: the people turned out to be happy. The only question to ask Volodya and Maxim is the question about children. Maxim wants to have a baby but a little bit later when stability comes. Vladimir in his turn is not all inclined to think about children. Maxim has already got his idea of the way to bring up a child, as well as the way how to give birth to the child. Here the surrogate mother can help. Answering my question about who will conceive the baby to become a father, Maxim was quite just, saying:WeIl mix our semen, the surrogate mother will get only one spermatozoon. We wont know whose one it will be, so well have our common child.  

Psychologists opinion
(Doctor of Psychology Kuznetsov N.

The main character of this article didnt lose his creativeness, but his wish to create. After being sexually satisfied his goals lost their motivation to do what he had been doing before. The point is that sexual continence serves as the base for the intellectual and creative powers of a human being. Sublimation is a tool for psychological protection. But this protection was workable only while Maxim lived and was occupied with the creative activities in his native town in the conditions when he was separated from his private life. To my mind, the instant goal of the modern society is to switch energy of personal sexual attractions or transform it into creative activity.  

Editors opinion

Frankly speaking, it is quite unpleasant and bitter to watch the way gays multiply in our country, being cherished and groomed, and the way how top-level officials and prominent politicians shut their eyes to undisguised lechery and sexual revelry raging through the fashioned capital gay clubs, constantly growing in number. Instead of somehow regulate the process of gay love and direct sexual energy of a certainly oriented part of the population into somewhere else, our state authorities give them freedom of living the way they like, without caring a straw about public morality and normal citizens. Historical examples of the famous homosexualists of the past when a same sex love was considered to be a great shame and wasnt understood by the people, only prove the fact that if there is a wish, there can be other fields of applying sexual energy majority modern gays waste for their sexy pastime, the fields where it can be really useful for the society.  Many of sexually dissatisfied gays managed to transform their unrealized energy into creative or some other kind of work. Nowadays we witness the situation, which is absolutely different. And what we are going to do about it?    

Pavel Bezrukih
"Studencheskaya pravda"


[*] Baumanka: State Technical University named after Bauman
[i] Kabardino-Balkaria: a South Russian region in the Caucasus

Based on the material from:;
translation by Andrey L.

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