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Korzhakovs Evil Genius: "I reinforced the chapter about "gay team"


Alexander Korzhakov, a State Duma deputy, wrote a continuation of his bestseller From Dawn till Dusk, which brought to light a lot of mysteries of the Yeltsins era.

According to Alexander Vasilyevich, while working over the first book, he dictated 1200 pages, meanwhile the readers managed to read only 400, I chose something that could be regarded the first revelations about the president, who was still exercising his grip on all the instruments of power, when From Dawn Till Dusk was published. The second book contains both many facts that were excluded from the first one and brand new revelations of the author.

- Alexander Vasilyevich, can we expect some exclusive details of the private life of the high and mighty, as it was before?

- The first book was ironic, as well as this new one, but this book is more biting. For instance, in the first book there was a chapter about "gay team", but this time I decided to somehow reinforce it.

Last time my wife helped me to create the book. The first version of which was rather harsh, and my wife prevented me from pedaling of the facts, concerning some of the actively working representatives of the leadership. And the Communists even asked me for one person, promising quite a big sum of money, to publish a chapter about this man. But I refused

- Will there be anything new about Yeltsin?

- Surely, yes youll be able to read about both his private life and politics. I dont want to reveal everything right now

- Dont you suspect your revelations will be compared with the notorious book by Tregubova?

- I looked it through, read the table of contents in one of the bookstalls. But I know that journalists of her mold are not welcomed by the decent people. What she wrote is second-hand gossip. And I speak about the events, I myself participated in So, in general I hope that my new book, entitled Boris Yeltsin: from dawn till dusk And life goes on, will be a success, because in its core the book can be regarded as a sort of omission points  

based on: Moskovsky Komsomolets, 03.03.2004
translation by Andrey L.


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