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Mr. Alexi Mishin, coach of Eugene Plustchenko, figure-skater, accuses "Blue Lobby"


In answering the Komsomolskaya Pravda Newspaper's readers' questions, Mr Allxi Mishin, coach of Eugene Plutchenko, figure skater, has stated that there is quite of a "Blue lobby" in figure skating.

To back up his statement, he gave some examples of sexual relationship between coaches and their trainees in figure skating in the US. He also mentioned some "interested" groups of jury members "advocating their kin". In fact, he would not get personal.

Besides, strictly in line with the stereotypes of a general attitude towards homosexuality, he again gave his opinion that Plustchenko's skating display in female clothing at the Dortmund World Championship might drag the figure skater's sexual reputation through mud. As a matter of remembrance, this was the skating mockery of one of the well-known Russian clowns - Vyatcheslav Polunin.

"Ninety percent of all figure skating teams, including the teams of figure skating coaches are gay. Eugene and me are the only "old-fashioned" ones. Now I am afraid that we will not be allowed skating the fancy clothes number in the US", added Mr. Mishin.

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