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PRAVDA.RU announcing the list of the most homo fearful mass media in the world


PRAVDA.RU has announced the list of the most homo fearful mass media in the world. This list was recently published on the website of the Shame.Org Company that minors the gay perception throughout the world. The homophobia is rated by way of direct poll on the web by five categories, which are people, countries and territories, companies and mass media.

PRAVDA.RU is farther than by 100 points ahead of the most homo fearful mass media in the world. The man pronounced most homo fearful in the world is President George Bush. The most unfavourable place for gays in the world is the state of Florida. Gays' and lesbians' cohabitation here is prohibited by law.

The Chick Publication publishing house made it on the List of Homo Fearful Companies for its publication of the book on homosexual Satanism, including the Michigan's Musical Festival, according to whose eligibility criteria the transgender were not allowed to participate.

It could be that PRAVDA.RU gets such a big number of votes on the web thanks to its former "Soviet merits". Whatever remains is to deprecate at how strong are the stereotypes. We, the Russians, know quite well that beside the "E-PRAVDA", which has never outwardly been homo fearful, there is a number of other mass media "deserving credits" for that. Those who think differently may vote for "PRAVDA".

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