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The Slavist Kevin Moss: "Russian professors are afraid of the word gay"


The well-known American Slavist Kevin Moss, who has travelled across the whole of Russia at the beginning of the year, gave an open interview to the magazine "Kvir". His visit was partly devoted to establishing relations with his colleagues who work in the field of queer theory. Kevin Moss revealed that Russian academics have very little interest for this topic, and that in most universities a hidden homophobia prevails.

"Now in the Russian public education system people are once again afraid to touch on this topic", said Mr. Moss. "I have spoken to some gay university deacons, but they avoided pronouncing even the words "gay" and "goluboi" [light-blue, Russian slang for gay, translators note]. In spite of the fact that, in an informal environment, I could witness the fact that they lead a gay lifestyle."

We will remind our readers that Kevin Moss was one of the first foreign academics to research gay culture in Russia. He is the editor of the first anthology of Russian gay fiction published in English, "Out of the blue".

The interview with Kevin Moss will be published in the June issue of the magazine "Kvir".

Translated by Francesca Stella

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