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Rodina (fatherland) political party fears another gay scandal


As reports, problems have arisen between the Sverdlovsk entrepreneur Sergei Kapchuk and the party Rodina [Fatherland].

An internal strife within Rodina have prompted activists express their discontent with the party leadership about the inadequacy of Kapchuk as a candidate, and about the negative reflection this has on the Partys image. In particular, those who speak ill of Sergei Aleksandrovich point to the fact that a homophobic campaign has been mounted against him electoral posters with Kapchuks image all over Kurgan are sprayed at night with the word gay in bold letters.

Saratov residents have long been used to rumors about Sergei Kapchuks homosexuality, but across the Urals these speculations were circulated with renewed vigour. For this reason Rodina activists are afraid that this gay scandal may affect the party itself.

We remind our readers that Mr. Glazev, Rodinas previous leader, was also rumored to be gay.



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