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"Love and sex in Islamic culture: gay marriage and its relationship with the genies


The book Love and sex in Islam culture has been singled out by the organisers of the 17th Moscow International Book Festival among the fourty bestsellers and the seven most original works.

At the publishing house Ansar they claim to be staggered by the widely diverse responses to the book. In spite of the fact that this was the first book on such a sensitive topic to be published in Russian and it is in high demand on the market, the publishing house stirred up controversy, mostly, as they point out at Aslam, over the fact that even thinking about this topic is shameful, and, in general, there is no sex in the Islamic world.

According to the book abstract, in it you can read about everything you wanted to know about sex and love in Islamic culture, but you were afraid to ask: polygamy, contraception according to the Sharia law, oral and group sex, gay marriage and its relationship with genies, masturbation and the secrets of marital relationship, and everything that is allowed or permitted in the relationship between the two sexes in the Islamic world.



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