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A homophobic sexologist is preparing a book collecting threats and letters from gays


As we have already reported, the sexologist Dilia Enikeeva, well known for her homophobic views and books, alleges to have unofficially contacted the FSB [Russian secret service] regarding the threatening phone calls and letters received, as she says, from many gay people.

At present, Enikeeva acknowledged on her website, she keeps receiving loathing letters, but already without threats. They dont contain threats, or open insults anymore; after the FSB traced some of the senders, apparently the rumour was circulated on the gay scene, and gays changed their strategy. But, unlike these hysterical characters, I am a well-balanced person, and they cant get at me with this nonsense, writes Enikeeva.

And she has decided to collect these letters in a new book, called Gay extremism. The chapters of the new release by the sexologist and fiction writer will be first posted on her website, and thereafter submitted for publication. Moreover, Mrs. Enikeeva threatens to reproduce the letters faithfully, including the senders email addresses.

Well remind our readers that, after the release of the extremely homophobic book Gays and lesbians, Enikeeva continued to voice her homophobic views in public appearances in the media. In particular, after the defeat of the party SPS during the last political elections, she published an article ambiguously called Tatu. Lesbos. SPS.


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