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Russian pop-star Valery Leontiev no longer disproves his rumored homosexuality

A few days ago Valery Leontiev, the famous Russian pop-singer, recognized as a first openly gay-acting singer in the USSR, has given an interview to the "AIF" newspaper. Among the other things he has discussed the gay issue in Russia and has made rather frank  admission.

AIF: "The rumors on your homosexuality have appeared long ago before the gay culture became trendy. Nevertheless, neither that time nor now have you made any statements."

Valery Leontiev: "Having always declared "I'm not gay", I've now decided to leave this question open. Although not denying the rumors, as is bored, I never declare it like Boris Moiseev. As to the propaganda of gay culture, I think it will soon go by. Gays live all over the world and make no bombastic fuss about it (except that yearly gay parades). The homosexuality has been decriminalized not long ago, so I believe the people haven't enjoyed the sexual freedom to the full."



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