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Siberian gays speak out against gay pride in Tyumen


17/08/2005. Representatives of the association of gays in Tyumen (a city in Siberia) expressed their bewilderment concerning reports from Russian information agencies that a gay pride parade has been planned for September 05, 2005. It is their opinion that the information stir that has begun reminds them of the scandal that has recently flared up in Moscow, in which 9 GLBT organizations spoke out against the idea of conducting a gay pride parade in May of 2006, feeling that such an action would start a rash of homophobia all across Russia. However, the Tyumen gays do not plan on going underground.

All attempts by journalists to make contact with the organizational committee have so far ended in fiasco. What is more is that representatives of the gay association in Tyumen are a more or less compact group which makes them fairly well informed about goings on in their environment. "You understand that in our city this would be equal to suicide," remarked one gay bystander, adding that he would never ever decide to march down the streets of Tyumen under the six-colored flag.

Information, gotten from, says that one of the nightclubs in Tyumen, which holds gay nights on Saturdays, intends to celebrate the coming "City Day" with a significant event. On August 20th, they plan to hold the first open-air party in Tyumen for gays. The high point of the night will be when the presentation is made by the volunteer organization "Raduzhnii Dom/Rainbow House," which intends to protect the rights of Tyumen gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals.

"In perspective, we are not excluding the possibility of conducting a gay pride parade in Tyumen, but for now, there can not even be talk about that," said the head of the organizational committee Aleksander Zhdanov.

We would like to remind you that Gennady Raikov, who represents Tyumen in the State Duma of the RF, spoke in favor of the introduction of the Criminal code in Russia that persecutes homosexuals.


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