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1,000,000 Banners: Russian Gay sites join together thanks to Gay.Ru


1,000,000 Banners: Russian Gay sites join together thanks to Gay.Ru

Russian Gay sites join together thanks to Gay.Ru

2006/02/06. Two banner systems 468.Gay.Ru and 100.Gay.Ru, which were launched in the Fall of 2005 using RotaBanner technology, just recently overcame the millionth mark of showings. At present, every day they show approximately 1,200,000 banners. In all, some 60 sites geared towards the gay and lesbian auditorium have been put into the system.

Ed Mishin, Director of Gay.Ru and the gay magazine "Kvir", comments on the success of the system saying that, "This does not mean that the amount of homosexuals in Russia is growing. It just means that more and more people are hooking up to the Internet. They are looking for information concerning a variety of problems from the news to researching the nature of homosexuality. More and more guys and young women understand that living in solitude is boring and sad, and therefore, they look for friends using the search systems Love.Gay.Ru and the Bbs.Gay.Ru forum site. The promotional information, carried by our banners, helps them in their searches."

"Id like to calm down those who worried about our audience. There is no more monopoly on the Gay.Ru audience. We are ready to share the attention of our readers with any high-quality net projects. In order for them to do this, they just have to join one of our banner systems 468.Gay.Ru or 100.Gay.Ru," continued Ed Mishin.


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