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Moscow Gay-Lesbian Culture Festival "Rainbow Without Boundaries". 1-5 may, 2006


Moscow Gay-Lesbian Culture Festival Rainbow Without Boundaries. 1-5 MAY, 2006

Moscow Gay-Lesbian Culture Festival "Rainbow Without Boundaries". 1-5 may, 2006

2006/02/19. Press-conference for the Festival organizers and participants will take place on 28-th April, 2006. Mass Media will be advised of exact time and place of Festival holding in addition later.

Day of Gay-Lesbian Literature and Public Press.
Presentation of books, magazines, newspapers; meetings with authors.

Day of Gay-Lesbian Publicity.
Demonstration of original publicity films on gay-lesbian culture, having been collected all over the world.
Fashion show of jeans clothes.

Opening of Photo Exhibition " Open THEME".
Works of professional photographers from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities will be presented.

Bard-Song Festival "No Orientation".
Singers, authors of the songs, from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ulyanovsk, Petrozavodsk, Samara, other Russian cities and the Ukraine will take part in the Festival.

Literary-Theatrical Festival.
Performances of the Theatre-Studio "BILITIS", Creative Club "Ladder" (St. Petersburg).
Literary concert of the Publishing House "Labrys"

5-th Russian Lesbian Conference "SHE+SHE". Topic: "Coming out".
Homosexual coming out in modern Russia.

Night Entertaining Show.
Information about the event will be given later.

Seminar for Mass Media "Myths and Stereotypes about Sex Minorities".
Target: myth dethronement and creating of adequate gay and lesbian image in participants minds.

Press Conference on the Festival Results.

Festival Organizers:

  • Charity Fund "Rainbow"
  • Organization "LesbiPARTY"
  • Organization "PinkStar"



  • Charity fund "Rainbow".
  • All-Russian lesbian organization "PinkStar".
  • Russian National GLBT Center "Together".
  • Karelian department of public organization "Circle".
  • Independant non-commercial women organization "Tolerance".
  • Publishing house "Labrys".
  • Creative union of socially active lesbians "LesbiPARTY".
  • Creative club "Ladder".

  • Net Projects and Mass Media

  • Newspaper for non-standard women "L"
  • E-magazine for gays and lesbians "Gayclub.Ru"
  • Gay Magazine "One of Us" (The Ukraine)
  • Gay Magazine "Kvir".
  • Russian national gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual server Gay.Ru.
  • Site Youla.Ru.
  • Russian travesty site Travesty.Ru.
  • Russian national lesbian server Lesbi.Ru.
  • Theme portal Labrys.Ru.
  • Site Lestnica-club.Ru.
  • Official site of the organization "Pinkstar" Pinkstar.Ru.
  • Law information agency "LINA"
  • One of the largest international acquaintance portals Qguys.Ru.
  • Official site of the organization "LesbiPARTY" Lesbiparty.Org.Ru.

  • Internet projects, art projects, initiative groups, organizations, authors, artists, designers and everybody who is interested in the Event are welcome to join the program and take part in the Festival.

    Additional details about the Festival will follow with the renovation of the information.


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