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Russian Orthodox Bishop-Populist Follows Footsteps of Moscow Boss


Archbishop of Yekaterinburg Vikentii

Archbishop of Yekaterinburg Vikentii

2006/04/10. The Russian Orthodox Church, in its push to turn Russia into a Christian government, is now taking law-making initiative upon itself .

Archbishop of Yekaterinburg Vikentii addressed the Legislative Congress of the Sverdlovskaya Oblast requesting to become the Initiator to enact Federal laws which would proscribe the "propaganda of homosexuality," television broadcasting of plots which "stimulate base passions," and distribution of "erotic publications." Two years ago, Vikentii instigated the closure of Yekaterinburgs only gay club Clown. Recently Vikentii hosted a homophobic meeting with members of his congregation who were appealing for the prohibition of unabashedly open homosexual singer Boris Moiseevs concert.

Vikentii ranked homosexuality on par with alcoholism, smoking and hooliganism. Concurrently, he spoke for the interdiction of abortions and against contraceptive use. He assures that the local governor Eduard Rossel wholly backs his ideas.

Just days ago, the homophobic statement of another "Russian Orthodox Official" Metropolitan Cyril received an enthusiastic response from the attendees of the Worldwide Russian National Assembly. Among those presiding over the Assembly were high-ranking Government Officials, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and representative of the Government Duma and chair of the ruling party United Russia Boris Gryzlov. The vehement speech of the Metropolis Cyril, condemning "immoral homosexuality," reminded Liberal correspondents of Fascist propaganda speeches from the 1930s.

Translation by Timofey Grishin
Foto: Ural.Ru

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