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Grigori Yavlinsky: Gays Should Not Create Provocation in Moscow nor Adopt Children


Grigori Yavlinsky

Grigori Yavlinsky

2006/05/26. Three questions concerning the position of the party Yabloko" on homosexuals were selected by editors of the site Gazeta.Ru for an online interview with Grigori Yavlinsky.

Yavlinsky skirted directly answering one question posed by Vasily Litvinov from Rostov-on-Don regarding the willingness of the Yabloko Party to support sexual minorities in the fight for equal rights. We respect individual rights, individual freedom..." he briefly remarked.

In reaction to Arzamas resident Vasily Potekhina's question Are you in favor of Gay Parade in Moscow? Are you in favor of Gay clubs in Moscow?" Grigori Yavlinsky commented: ... we do not plan to take any part in these kinds events in any way. In deciding these kind of questions, those in power and their advisors need to take into account the realistic situation of the country, city and not create inflammatory situations..."

Gennady from Hamburg, Germany urged Yavlinsky to not give in to persuasions to join with SPS (Union of Right Forces) and other national democrats'... Let them have the right to defend the interests of Sexual Minorities..."

During debates with European Parties we have declared that what these people do is their own business, but, for instance, adoption of children is something we are completely against. Individual rights do exist, but there are limits. Adoption of children, in our opinion, is an infringement on the rights of children..." states Yavlinsky euphemistically without using the words gay, lesbian, sexual minority. Concluding his answers to the block of homosexual questions toward the end he added, ... in our party there are also numerous religious individuals, including myself. Our position is significantly defined by this as well..."

Translation by Timofey Grishin

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