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Premiere Screening of Film about a "Happy Lesbian Family" Included in the "Festival of Festivals - 2006"


My Happy Family

"My Happy Family"

2006/06/21. On June 25th and 27th, in conjunction with the "14th Annual St. Petersburg International Film Festival Festival of Festivals - 2006", the documentary film "My Happy Family" will receive its debut.

The project, which was envisioned in early 2004 by a St. Petersburg lesbian organization "Labris," conveys the everyday life of one lesbian family, who is preparing for the imminent birth of a baby.

"My Happy Family" is Russia's first documentary film to tackle the question of motherhood in a lesbian family. The heroines of the film candidly portray their home lives and relate their wrestle to attain their dream of having kids. Another unseen, yet constantly present, person takes part in the lives of these future mothers - their unborn child. He struggles to make a decision about whether these two loving women can become his parents.

For some time the project's creators kept the name of the film's director a secret. It has now come to light that it is the independent documentarian from St. Petersburg, Ekaterina Kharlamova. Ms. Kharlamova's films have been regular participants in various international festivals. To date "Text, or Apologetic Commentaries" (based on anecdotes and jokes from Faina Ranevskaya and a novella by Vladimir Nabokov A Forgotten Poet") has been her most critically acclaimed film, winning a number of awards. In 2001, her works were selected for Berlin Film Festival in its "Forum" program.

Translation by Timofey Grishin

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