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Vladimir Putin to give interview on "Yandex" - ask the President about gays and lesbians


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"Vladimir Putin to give interview on Yandex - ask the President about gays and lesbians"

2006/07/05. On July 6, 2006 the Yandex website is hosting an internet conference with the President of the Russian Federation. The topics that the President will discuss in real-time depend completely on us - the users of the world-wide web," promise the organizers of the project.

To pose a question, please visit the website and in the field to the left, choose the subject heading that best describes your question. You can compose your question in the box next to the subject headings. If your question does not fit under any of the category headings, you can suggest a new one. For instance, the editors of created the heading "Sex Minorities." You can add your question under that heading by visiting htt://

"Yandex" promises that the most popular questions are guaranteed to be asked to the President. WE hope that their selection will be made using the same unprejudiced principles of indexing information that the perhaps most popular search engines on the dot RU" today is known to use.

Concurrently, the BBC is collecting questions for an English-language internet conference in the near future. You can ask your question in English by visiting the BBCNews website.

Translation by Timofey Grishin

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