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Living Gay in Russia

Gary Matoso"Living Gay in Russia" represents a part of The Russian Chronicles, an experiment in interactive photojournalism created especially for the World Wide Web by FocalPoint f/8. Gary Matoso, a photojournalist based in Paris with Contact Press Images, and Lisa Dickey, a freelance journalist based in St. Petersburg, Russia invite you to join us on our remarkable journey from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg in 1995. Lisa DickeyThe journey took them across five time zones and over 5000 miles (8100km) of the immense Russian Federation. Their trip began in the eastern maritime city of Vladivostok, just a few hundred miles from Japan. Traveling first north and then west they followed the general route of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, ending their journey in the northwestern city of St.Petersburg in November.

Lisa and Gary recorded their digital impressions of Russia using a laptop computer and a new high resolution digital camera. Every few days, these digital photographs, essays, and new reports were relayed to FocalPoint f/8 back in San Francisco. There, Chuck and Tripp edited and composed the images and text into the Web pages.

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