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Please note that only sites that have at least some information in English (or any other European language) are included in this list. For the complete list of Russian gay sites please refer to the Russian version of this list.

Anatoly (Moscow)
Please page me in French or English.

Serge Vassiliev

Haircuts designer.

Matvey (St. Petersburg)
ICQ 18939246

Candy Parfume Boy: gallery, personal info.

Gena-Kean (Moscow)
A set of erotic photos (including nudes).

Dima - Pallaria (Vyatka/Kirov, Russia)

Sprutik (Dubna, Moscow suburbs, Russia)
We are not in Scandinavia.

Ilya (Moscow, Russia)
ICQ: 22891650

Everybody is looking for something. Are you?

Kostya (Moscow/St.Petersburg, Russia)
A stylish page.

Oleg (Columbia, Latin America)
ICQ: 12622699

Krarkov, Ukraine - Columbia, Latin America. Spanish text available.

CTBigBear (USA)
I am very big.

Felix (Moscow, Russia)
Do you believe in love after love?

Alexander (Moscow, Russia)
A bear by the name of Ubyb.

Bolt (Moscow, Russia)
ICQ: 23294745

#gayboysex texts collection.

Gor (Vladivostok, Far East, Russia)
ICQ: 17836284

News and pictures from a beach and from a gay-mixed party.

Yuri (Moscow, Russia)
ICQ: 853472

I like cinema and my dog.

Italian text available.


Yura (Moscow, Russia)
I have been a bodybuilder for the last two years

Sergei (St.Petersburg, Russia)


Roman (Kiev, Ukraine)

Yuri (Moscow, Russia)


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