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Nicolas (
I would like to be your personal guide to our great and historic city! My name is Nicolas and with my knowledge of St. Petersburg, I can show you many of its out of the way places; places that would not usually be seen by the normal tourist. If you wish to visit St. Petersburg, a truly pleasurable and unique experience can be yours. Simply contact me by email and set up a personally guided tour of the City of the Czars. Open the program to your visit!
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I invite you to check my references (listed here in the reverse chronological order):

Nikolai was my guide in St. Petersburg in July 2003. He was very knowledgeable about the sights and events in the St. Petersburg area. He showed me around and acted as my translator and Russian language teacher. He also has very good knowledge of the English language. Nikolai went beyond the call of duty when I became sick. He literally took care of me and made sure I received the proper medicines to get well. Beyond his duties as a guide he is just a very friendly,fun guy to hang out with. I highly recommend him as a guide. With Nikolai as your guide you will surely have a great experience in St. Petersburg.


I have just recently returned from an absolutely wonderful two week trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. It was my first trip to St. Petersburg and Nikolay Mylyuev was my guide while I was there. I cannot say enough good things about Nikolay and his attentive nature towards me and my worries about being in a country where I did not speak the language. Nikolay was sympathetic to my ignorance of the Russian language and saw to it that I not only didn't have any trouble in getting around the city; but he also saw to it that I was treated fairly by shopkeepers and the like and that I did not pay too much for anything I bought.

Nikolay's knowledge of the city and its history was "first rate" and he even took the time prior to my arrival through emails to me to find out what it was that I was interested in seeing. When I got to St. Petersburg, there was Nikolay with my "itinerary" in hand and it had all of the places that we had discussed in our emails already on it. I got to see everything that I wanted to see and also saw things that Nikolay had thought of himself because of his "intuitive nature" he knew I would find interesting.

Should anyone wish to visit the magnificent city of St. Petersburg, I highly recommend Nikolay Mylyuev as their tour guide while there. Nikolay is honest, trustworthy, has reasonable prices for his services, and is one of the friendliest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You will not go wrong by letting him show you the City of the Czars!

Jeffrey Teachout -- United States of America

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