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Vladimir (
I like to be g/l guide not only because of special education (in Moscow, where I live more than 40 years, and San Francisco) and great experience, but it is so interesting for me to work with the people from Our World. I am ready to inform you generally about history, culture and events in Russia as well as, in particular, in our local gay community and to show you all corresponding places.

I invite you to check my references (listed here in the reverse chronological order):

During our recent visit to Moscow Vladimir acted as our guide and became our friend. He was of great help.

Vladimir knows so much of Russian hitory and culture that, as he guided us through the important sites, he was able to explain why they were important and what events in hititory had taken place in them. In addition he knows much about current Russia, its culture, its problems, its leaders and politics.

We learned much from Vladimir and he enriched our knowledge and understanding of Russia.

Furthermore he enriched our knowlege and understanding of gay life in Russia. Vladimir knows the gay bars, cruising areas and such. We had much fun with Vladimir and, as I say, he has become our friend.

Best, Hugh Gallagher

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