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Kiev (Kyiv)

Country Ukraine
Population 2.6 million
Area Code 044
Weather forecast
Time GMT +3

Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, has transformed itself into an island of Western Europe amid a sea of Soviet-style cities. The cafe culture has returned, with elegant bars and restaurants vying for trade among foreign visitors, entrepreneurs and local gangsters. Young Ukrainians have learned to dress stylishly-they're probably the best dressed young people of any city in the former Soviet Union (except, perhaps, for Moscow).

Tenuous budding of gay life is visible here: several gay clubs were opened over the last two years; new issues of a gay magazine distributed nation-wide appear regularly; public awareness of gays is slowly increasing; young people are much more open about their sexuality and feelings than they used to only several years ago. However, gays in Kiev remain exposed to the arbitrary rule of the powers-to-be as the recent police raid on a gay club demonstated. Unfortunately, we were unable to detect any traces of the lesbian scene in Kiev, although it is rumoured to exist.

Address 3 Kutuzova vulitsa.
Phones 573 88 48, 573 80 94
Opening time 22.00-6.00, closed on Mondays.
Notes The most packed gay club in Kiev - bar, dancefloor, chill-out, 'socializing lounge'. We added 'AYOR' to the club description in Spartacus Gay Guide 2000, because in late 1999 the club was raided by the local police. In fact, the raid seems to be an isolated incident and visitors of the club do not subject themselves to any particular dangers. The club is conveniently located in a generally safe neighborhood, and the internal security is reported to be efficient.

Address 26/2 Garmatna vulitsa (Metro Shulyavskaya or Tram 1,3 to stop Garmatna, DK Rostok).
Phone 435 06 13, 441 44 32.
Opening time 19.00-6.00, closed on Mondays.
Notes Bar, dancefloor, chill-out, pool. Staff is reported to be cute, but rather indifferent.

Address 8/4 Zhelyabova vulitsa (Metro Shulyavskaya).
Phone 441 74 46, 441 74 11.
Opening time 22.00-6.00 on Fridays and Saturdays only.

Address 10 Nesterovsky pereulok (near Lvovskaya ploschad').
Phone 441 44 32, 555 75 04.
Opening time no information available

Address 52 Kreschatik vulitsa (across Bessarabsky market).
Notes Small cafe, often visited by gays.


  • Shevchenko park (in front of the main red-brick building of Kiev State University)
  • Kreschatik vulitsa from Metro Kreschatik to Bessarabsky market

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