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Other Cities in Ukraine

As we noted in our introduction, the gay scene in the Ukraine hardly exist anywhere outside Kiev and Kharkov. With a few exceptions, there are no gay bars, clubs, discos etc. Parks, squares, and public toilets remain the main (and only) places where local gays meet. In Fall 1999, while collecting the information for Spartacus, an international gay guide, we sent letters to all organizations, match-making services etc. that claimed to exist in the previous years. To date, we have not received a single answer. That's why we limited this list to established cruising places.


  • square near the Theater of Music and Drama (234 Shevchenko vulitsa)
  • square near the railway station
  • square near the main bus station


  • park Shevchenko


  • square near the Krupskaya library
  • park near the Yuzhny (Southern) bus station


  • Bistro on Peremogy prospekt (near the stadium)
  • Neofit cafe on Lesyi Ukrainki vulitsa
  • WC in the underground near Dom Byta on Lesyi Ukrainki vulitsa
  • benches behind Dom Byta on Lesyi Ukrainki vulitsa
  • beach on the island in Styr river


  • Pingvin cafe on Svodoby prospekt
  • Kofeynaya on Armyanskaya vulitsa
  • alley in the front of Opera House (Svobody prospekt)
  • Bodrost' public bathhouse (35 Turgeneva vulitsa)


  • Slavy park, near the monument to Poltavskaya bitva


  • Gurman cafe (11 Pushkina vulitsa)
  • square between the main post office and the Crimean parliament
  • square near the new stage of Russian Gorky Theater


  • Admirala Ushakova square (near Sailors' House)


  • near Yubileiny concert hall


  • Velikoy Otechestvennoy Voiny ploschad' (across the city hall building)

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