Upcoming activities 

Our most important project for 2007-2008 includes several activities:

  • counseling for gays and lesbians (summer ’08
    Starting from the everyday hotline with trained volunteers as an operators to the counseling center 

  • GLBT Community Center (2008)
    The Center will allow gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals to use a specialized library, internet café, dropping-zone. We plan to move all our social services there by that time.

  • regional network-building (2008)
    Due to the lack of gay community life and GLBT organizations, the quality of life among the lesbigay community throughout Russia is not even close to that in Moscow. We are going to provide local representatives with proved techniques and help to raise activism, hold local events.

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Welcome to our projects catalog and thank you for your interest! Don't hesitate to contact us - your feedback is important, because all we do is done by and for people.

Our Initiative group has been working on GLBT issues for 7 years and consists of
15 employees and 30 volunteers with expertise in different areas including art, psychology, literature, sex life, project management... 

Did you know www.gay.ru is done by us? 
There are more to come! Read on! 

According to Dr. Pokrovsky, the main expert on HIV in Russia, HIV prevalence in the Russian gay community has increased several times during the last year. That's why we believe it is very important to take decisive steps and to develop a successful prevention strategy.




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Running projects 

  • "KVIR", national monthly gay periodical
    is intended to decrease external and internalized homophobia,
    to lower the level of high-risk sexual behavior.
    Close to Out! magazine but in a business-weekly format.

    more information...  magazine website (rus)

  • telephone hotline for MSM
    this free service is the first hotline for gays and bisexuals in Russia. It operates by volunteers at (495) 783-8333 from 18h to 22h workdays and provides psychosocial support and counseling 

  • self-help groups for gays and lesbians
    functioning on the weekly basis (since April 2002)

  • the Gay.ru website  
    the biggest, most thorough gay online resource in Russia.
    daily updates (since 1996)

  • the GayHealth.ru, special HIV/AIDS/STI website, targeted at gays and bisexuals, with weekly updates.
    more information...


Our expertise

During year 2002 the Center has
successfully fulfilled the following

  • staged a show on safe gay sex, performed in all Moscow gay clubs. Professional actors, singers, poet, choreographer and other staff were participating in it. The show was so successful that we were able to play it again 6 months later;

  • organized a lesbigay film festival.
    During 2 months, gay and lesbian films were played in Moscow’s largest gay club. At least one film per week was

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The monthly gay publication objects to:

more information...

self-help groups for gays/lesbians, the only ones in Russia, are free-of-charge events open for every gay, bisexual, lesbian or unsure under the hatches. It is operated by qualified psychologists to provide real help when needed. The attendance is up to 20 persons per group. 

the Gay.ru website is the biggest and most comprehensive gay online resource in Russia and a major project of our Center. To date, the site has been visited more than 14,000,000 times and has 50,000 visitors daily.

the GayHealth.ru, made in the cooperation with PSI, is a special website drawing the gays' and MSM's attention to the problem of HIV/AIDS and STI. It provides psychological and informational support, has a base of services in testing rooms in the city of Moscow and allows carrying out assessments more information...