Support us in creating Community center in Moscow
for russian-speaking gays and lesbians!

We are a non-profit public organization trying to help Russian gays, lesbians & transsexuals overcome discrimination, become valuable and full members of society. As a further major step in our social program we see a GLBT Community Center in Moscow that will integrate all our social projects. It must be a safe and welcoming place to come to for every gay, bisexual, lesbian or transgender person in need or their friends and parents, providing non-sexual communication opportunities and psychosocial support. Now Russian gays and lesbians have no such place.

A project of such scale and complexity is difficult to set up. That's why we (Russian National GLBT NGO) and COC Netherlands (the oldest and most experienced Dutch GLBT association) have joined our efforts for this project. We had to seek for external funding as the amount of money required to fulfill the project far exceeds our possibilities and worked hard on application to MATRA. Unfortunately, this joint application has been unsuccessful. But we're not giving up.

   Can you help

We appreciate any help from donations and sponsorship to advice. With your help we'll be able to act better, faster and more efficiently.
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